Tiferet Movement 
with Bracha

*Classic Tiferet Movement  classes suitable for all levels.
We aim to find harmony and balance through Movement, so come stretch, strengthen, relax and find your center!

Tuesdays and Thursdays 
9.30am - 10:45am

*Pre-Natal Classes 
Tuesdays and Thursdays




For additional  info on Bracha's Torah classes go to Brachame.com
RoshChodesh/ New Moon
​* Thursday afternoon Bliss Retreats featuring Restorative Movement and Massage.
with Bracha and Brenda Gantous
Next date :To be announced.

Receive the benefits of complete relaxation!! 
Restorative yoga offers the student an opportunity to quiet the body while resting in comfortable passive postures, turn off the mind and settle into a place of inner peace! Combine the pleasure of that with hands on massage from Brenda Ghantous a Medical Massage Therapist with years of experience!
 These workshops are accessible to everyone and beneficial to anyone needing a more gentle approach to yoga or recovering from illness or injury, or to balance an active yoga practice.

Weekly TLC ( Torah Learning Circle) for the Jewish Soul
 Chassidic Insights for living your best life with Bracha!
(featuring Torah, Tanya and Tea!)

Wednesday evenings 
upstairs at 7:45pm

Regular Classes 
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Next date to be announced!
*Weekend Shabassanah Retreat.
October 26th -28th 2018
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Special Programs
May 31st, 12:00-3:30pm
Special Birth Support Event with Brenda and Bracha.
Bracha: Certified Yoga Therapist and Dona trained Doula.
Brenda Ghantous: Massage Therapist and Dona trained Doula.

This Special event will feature....
*Pre Natal Education Class!
*Pre Natal Yoga!
*Pre Natal Massage!
*Nutritious and Delicious Lunch!
*Diet Recommendations!

$55.00. Reserve your spot Now!